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Before we get to that though I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, my name is Nicole Lenz and I am one of the founding members of Earth Healthcare, I also head Research and Development, and I helped launch the original patent for the endocanna DNA test kit. I want to be the first to personally thank you for joining our community. I am going to explain on the next videos exactly how our endocanna DNA test kit works. I also want you to know that at Earth Healthcare we we truly care about your healing journey. We want to share with you everything we know, all of our methods on how to properly use medical cannabis, and 99% of it we want to give to you for free because we understand that the improper dosing, oil base and other important factors can actually worsen your symptoms. Keep in mind, this valuable information is based on our teams 25 years of combined research on phytocannabinoids, no matter what your symptoms or condition happens to be. Be on the lookout for any emails from Earth Healthcare because we are going to constantly be updating you with important information that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Please remember to check out our testimonials from happy clients that are using our products, we walk the walk and talk the talk, we are going to sending you stuff that actually gets you the results you see below.  This is Nicole, thank you so much for coming to Earth Healthcare, so please click the link below and we look forward to seeing you on the next page.