Medical Cannabis Consultation

What to expect

 As we know,  when it comes to  CBD and THC there is much to learn and understand as we all react and metabolize these components differently in our bodies. During your Medical Cannabis Consultation you will get one on one care with a medical cannabis specialist. This one hour consultation is designed to help you understand the proper method of use, oil base, terpene profile, dosing and ratios that align with your current ailments.  Our combined 25 years of research on phytocannabinoids allow us to be able to recommend custom formulations that have been scientifically proven to help with severe illness such as auto immune, depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, cancer and more. 

Providing Resources

We only recommend the best product manufacturers out there and provide you with resources to attain products that actually work, are pesticide free, and come from sustainable organic cultivations. If you live in California and have your medical cannabis card, we can fulfill product for you and deliver it to your door. At the end of the consultation, you will get a briefing of your custom formulation and on the market product recommendations in a PDF sent directly to your email. 

We highly recommend this consultation to anyone currently taking medical cannabis or who is considering taking medical cannabis for a serious medical condition and would like more clarity and understanding of medical cannabis for themselves or their loved ones.