Have a serious medical condition? 


If you are a California resident you are able to participate in our physician services. All of our physician consultations may be covered by your primary health insurance. Because over 80% of the patients who come to Earth Healthcare have never used cannabis, we aim to provide guidance to getting off and avoiding harsh pharmaceutical medications for a number of serious medical conditions. We offer diagnostics that will give us the ability to diagnose you and give us your genetic blue print.

Once we have this information we are able to recommend and fulfill custom formulations. After you have been taking your formulation for several weeks, we can test how your body is metabolizing the formulation and adjust it accordingly, if necessary. We will test the genes expression to cannabis all throughout your healing process. Because the process is costly, we provide free genetic consults before and after. 

Endocanna mRNA Kits for Cancer Monitoring and Auto- immune are designed to test for the variants associated to your illness and then allow us to prescribe precise dosing, ratios, and method of use.