Finally A dna test designed to help you select the Proper strain and dose for your body.


Did you know we can scientifically test how cannabinoids work in your body?

While many DNA tests identify what conditions we are predisposed to, CannaDNA taps into the body's own personal self-healing system called the Endocannabanoid system.  Our reports recommend custom formulations and provide you with valuable resources such as, the proper terpene profile, method of use, and dosing to optimize health and well-being.  


How it works

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Purchase your cannaDNA Kit online. Your kit will be sent to you along with instructions.

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place your sample collection kit in to the prepaid mailer  and send your envelope to the lab.  

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we'll notify you when we receive your sample and keep you posted as we review your DNA

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  Create an account with us and We will email you when your results are ready to view online